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This site is a work of art.

All is silent in the halls of the dead. All is forgotten in the stone halls of the dead, Behold the stairways which stand in darkness; behold the rooms of ruin. These are the halls of the dead where the spiders spin and the great circuits fall quiet, one by one.

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Places of interest

English wiki: You're looking at it
Books and other texts
Web browsers must die!
git repos
3rd party images
Tuomov fansite (currently featuring only partial not-a-blog mirror)
Hackage mirror (with rsync (see howto-rsync.txt)!)


Переводы песен
Пара бэкапов жуйка

Other files here:
Bomfunk/ — Bomfunk's personal information
QMPDClient/ — Qt MPD client
code/ — software
freedos/ — Notes on installing and using FreeDOS
hellnet/ — Cryptographic data sharing network project
howto/ — Various useful howtos
interesting_story/ — Vladimir Smirnov against police forces (Russian)
reviews/ — Reviews of various things
texts/ — fiction texts
translations/ — Translations of different songs to Russian
world-domination-plans/ — world domination plans
3rd-party-services — How to decide whether to use 3rd party service or not — Sauerbraten map editing tutorial (Russian)
emails — Proper way to use e-mail
faq — Frequently asked questions
feedback — Feedback from site guests
flames-of-lor — Abandoned attempt to systematize information on contents of flames (Russian)
git-sucks — How Git sucks
haskell-sucksWhy Where Haskell sucks (Not much)
haskell-vs-fortran — Written on request
lamp-debian-howto — For stupid Gentoo users
nopython — Why python sucks should be destroyed.
nopython-story — Story about discovering why Python sucks (Russian)
opensource-faq — Why you should use open source software
stc-dns-havoc — Was used to survive ISP's broken DNS (Russian)
typical-cs-gamer — Transcript of typical CS gamer's drama (Russian)
ugnich-trap — Some curious insights on life of owner (Russian)
web_browsers_must_die — Why web browsers should die the most painful death possible

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