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Why Do I Prefer Free Software And Why You Should Too

Why do I care if program is free software as long as it works?

It may stop working and you'll have to go beg your vendor to fix it. And it may not necessary be still around, or have any wish to fix program for you. And it'll be too late to choose other program by then.

I'm not a coder, I don't have any use for the source.

Even if you can't tell integer from float, chances are somebody else will have similar problem and will fix it. If you have money, you can even pay somebody to fix the problem for you.

I'm not going to ever need this program again, it works right now and I don't care if it breaks later.

If you are absolutely sure, OK.

Open source makes software more vulnerable.

Security by obscurity may make it harder to start finding vulnerabilities, but only result will be that people who do search for vulnerabilities will be determined and will likely have goals that you don't like. Most of analysis is done on binaries anyway. Also, you will be vendor-locked for vulnerability fixes.

Software companies that make closed source software today will go bankrupt if FOSS wins!


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