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Notes on some messengers

Protocol Network model Security Chatrooms Multidevice Audio/Video Protocol Usage notes
IRC Non-connected networks TLS to server, e2e via user-side plugins Advanced Possible via "bouncers", 3rd party service Some clients have poorly working out-of-band plugins Ancient, with many restrictions Legacy junk with many advanced clients
XMPP Federated network TLS, e2e plugins of various quality and success Decent Connection works, sync beside chatrooms is client's responsibility Some clients have poorly working out-of-band plugins Ill-fated, proemetic Clients suck, it is not possible to implement the protocol while remaining sane
Telegram Centralized, tied to phone numbers, can't registed from PC, owner threatens third-party clients if they modify the client too much TLS, e2e optional, questionable quality and awkward to use Decent Good Works but audio has annoying delays Unimplementable abomination by sport programmers FSB's best data gathering project in last 20 years
Whatsapp/Viber Centralized, tied to phone numbers, proprietary AF TLS, flimsy e2e which can be hijacked by the server probably ok Good Probably works lolwut normie messenger with a bit of encryption flavor
Matrix Federated network TLS, e2e which kinda works Advanced Yes Works JS-age junk clients are shiny but besides official Electron one offer poor experience
Jami Decentralized, with some central kludges added e2e Vestigial Yes Works well A mess based on SIP and others Sometimes client stops working for no obvious reason and there is no way to find out what is wrong
Discord Centralized, chases down 3rd party app users TLS to the server, rest straight to NSA Highly advanced Yes Yes lol sell your soul to three-letter agencies and special interest groups
Tox Decentralized e2e Vestigial Some clients offer some solutions barely works adhoc junk clients suck
Signal Centralized, tied to phone numbers TLS and e2e ok yes yes unimplementable js brain rot junk decent normie-friendly private messenger
Briar Decentralized, tor-based e2e basic implementation with stupid threads no no meh good for messaging one device to one device
Session Decentralized with some weird blockchain shit going on, in practice centralized e2e no? yes no see Signal, it's its fork kludged for decentralization no idea

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