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"Transsexual" humans can be respected for breaking the gender concept associating physical parameters with mentality. But they tend to make one fatal mistake: instead of disregarding the broken social construct completely, they often still play by the society rules, changing their body and/or modifying their behaviour to "fit in", thus reinforcing the gender binary further.


Average male-to-female transition begins with male human not accepting the male behavior stereotype, due to faulty social programming or physical issues. He either tries to adopt it or rejects it outright, maybe gets forced into it. He's envious of females because they can exhibit behaviour he is punished for with no consequences. Society is confused because he does not fit in any of standard roles and rejects him. He proceeds to modify his exterior to trick the society. It either falls for it (and punishes hard if finds out) or applies another role already embedded, "MtF transsexual". Result: subject body is crippled, subject has to receive constant reinforcement for his ideas, but society sort of accepts him.

Depending on modification amount, quality of life may vary. Slighly modified specimen exhibit more success, more modified have to apply enormous amounts of psychological suppression that sometimes ends in suicide. Or another useful human unit. Even SRS is palliative treatment, since real problem does not have to do anything with hormones or limbs.


More rare because of specifics of female social programming. However, treatment options are even more drastic and cosmetic and ones that undertake it are even more desperate.

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