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Russia trying to became a respected, modern, working country is pathetic. Like a geek trying to "get a life".

However, Russian people excel at pretending they are doing something, stealing, doing cons, schemes and generally not working. Russia is an academy for crooks, thieves, hackers, scammers, and, by extension, programmers, because programmer benefits from being lazy and letting other entities do their job.

Russia works with horrifying inefficiency and if it runs out of things to steal and sell, it will crash and burn. So, stealing should be kept sustainable?

State of matters

Currently, Russian government's course appears to be gradual acceptance of western values, while maintaining anti-west propaganda. Result is westernization of top classes, while lower classes are being reduced to mindless slaves, ready to give up everything for their country, brainwashed by propaganda and persuaded of foreign threat. Meanwhile, corrupt government officials are enjoying their real estate in EU and US. Because of all-permeating corruption all intellectual business is virtually halted and only good employment opportunities are stealing from fellow citizens and selling natural resources. Russia is slowly becoming US puppet, selling natural resources cheaply and buying access to information and toys for oligarchs with the money.

Proposed development

All copyright laws should be disregarded. Russian people generally dislike work but can do heroic deeds to steal something. Russian torrent trackers, e-book libraries, science article archives are considered best left in the world full of aggressive copyright enforcement paid by endless coffers of "publishing" lobby. World is full of information ripe for "stealing" and russians will be eager to. Russia can become a safe haven for data pirates and hackers, use all the information produced by West without paying anything.

Russia is one of few countries ready for resulting backlash from US. Of course, this is likely result in isolation from America and its puppets, but people are long eager for that, prepared by government propaganda.

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