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All languages except English are dead.

Future belongs to the computer networks. And computer networks are build on foundation that any character can be encoded in 8 bits. No amount of kludges and layers of software will ever fix that. Using variable-width encoding leads to explosive growth of complexity in text processing, using wider chars would increase text sizes 4-fold.

From less technical standpoint, English is established as lingua franca of the world. There is no reason to lobby for other language: none of them is worth the switching costs. Humanity have made its choice. Synthetic languages in theory can be easier to learn, but they require very careful engineering and maintenance. And humans have "feel" for language which means more to them than a whole stack of scientific papers.

If you're using non-english for anything else than untranslateable work of art bound in deep local culture references, you're sabotaging your own culture and/or your work by dramatically reducing its audience.

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