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Anti-romantic by AlisA

I grew up in in a big communal apartment
And first thoughts about the world
Were born in a queue to bathroom
Cold and dirty communal bathroom
Where rats are the kitchen owners
And punks crush bottles against walls

Hey, teacher, why do not burn
These exemplary cold stars?
The greater faces
Donner wetter of new shadowgraph
Are converting my brain
To ZCTU of controllable ideas

I'm anti-romantic...

Boogie woogie, love and death, I was writing in white over black
Moving to the beat everything boils down to body mechanics.
I screamed "Peace!" in sixth chamber at 2 AM o'clock
They were laughing to tears: Forget it, pal. This country has sharp enough

Orders "In the fire! From right to left and from left to right!"
Give me the voice for heaven to hear me
Building new world from shit will be complicated enough for them
When earth will turn into grey ash, they will understand: The money is impossible to eat.

I'm anti-romantic...


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