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Welcome to

Now proudly banned by Russian Censorship Agency!

This is a mostly personal homepage. These things still exist. It contains of things I like and stories of things I dislike.

This site will not have much impact on python.

This artwork promotes itself

Be nice to your eyes, wear your safety CSS!

Feedback from our guests!

It doesn't look like a professional site and pretty much debunks
itself through vulgarity and ignorance.

The individual dislikes
python, git, and several other products. I could not tell what he
actually likes, though. He will not have much impact on python.

A cursory analysis of their grammar suggests that they may have
Russian or a Slavic language as their first language

Nothing personal, just imagine your grandpa calling you like "So I met this guy online, L29Ah was his name. He sent me some links, either dead-end or insecure. And then there was this website with a skull on it, a slogan "web browsers must die" and a bunch of links with likely downloadables. Yes, of course I downloaded and installed everything he told me to, why?!" ;)
You know guys, scratch that. I read more on your website, about "Russia", "sexuality" and "trans-sexuality" and figured that I'm gonna pass anyway.

Places of interest

English wiki: You're looking at it
[ New ] Beta (Web 2.999 rc3) version of this website.
File dumping facility
Books and other texts
Web browsers must die!
git repos
3rd party images

Few Juick backups
Tuomov fansite (currently featuring only partial not-a-blog mirror)
Hackage mirror (with rsync (see howto-rsync.txt)!)


Переводы песен

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