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This page contains deprecated information. This has been replaced with HTTP interfaces.

Hellnet queries

Warning: This document is WIP and incomplete. No implementation of these features was made yet.


Query is valid Hellnet transfer module that has three mandatory fields:
* 'hops' -- number of peers that this query has gone through.
Should start with random value from 0 to 5 (or more) for anonimity purposes and every peer must add 1 to its value. After certain amount of hops chances of dropping query should increase with every peer.
* 'type' -- query type.
The one currently defined type is 'hash', which queries for data with hash specified in 'args'.
* 'args' -- query arguments.
A string that contains query arguments (such as data digest for 'hash').
* 'id' -- unique ID of query, is digest of string 'type:args:origin'.
* 'origin' -- key ID of query origin.
* 'signature' -- cryptographic (GnuPG?) signature of 'id', made with secret key from 'origin'.

Queries are created by node 1, being passed over to other nodes. One node should respond to query if it has needed information and not overloaded, thus stopping passing the query, or pass query along otherwise.

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