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Building hspawn from source

Warning: this requires lot of magic


Get the latest source from git: git clone git://

Requirements are: GHC 6.12 (didn't check with other compilers), Cabal (you will have to install them manually, as described here) HTTP, Lucu, Crypto (these are Cabal packages, you can install them with cabal install name)

Once you have all those installed, Hellnet can be built with

runghc Setup.hs configure
runghc Setup.hs build
runghc Setup.hs install

On first stage, Cabal may complain about missing dependencies, you'll have to install them.

Alternatively, if you don't want to mess with Cabal, you can just run 'make', it will compile all the executables in current folder. They are static and can be safely moved.

Via cabal

Hellnet is available on Hackage. To install it, you'll need working Cabal setup (see above). Then

$ cabal install hellnet

And pray, since not all packages on hackage are ready for GHC 6.12 and you may have to patch them.


Last resort: download jumpstart package, extract & launch.

Now, to the next step, use.

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