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How to play civ6 online

  1. How to play civ6 online
    1. Preamble
    2. Statistics
    3. Software
      1. Mods
      2. Linux tricks
    4. Networking
    5. Communication
    6. How to host a game
    7. Hybrid turns with corrections for warfare
    8. Other workarounds:


Game is abandonware, civ6 netcode is a bit shitty, we are a bunch of Russian (who speak english when there's somebody around who doesn't speak russian) Linux enthusiasts.

You have to jump through a couple of hoops to get a successful networked Civ6 game running.


For now we store match statistics in Google spreadsheet



We use some mods:

Linux tricks

Use Lutris (-fshack if on laptop) or Proton or your mouse will not work.


You need smacnet because civ only works via LAN. Via LAN without packet loss. Netcode sucks.

On linux, you might need to open /etc/hosts and replace line with localhost with

192.168.7.XX localhost # 192.168.7.XX is your assigned IP

We're sorry about your localhost-binding services.


We use XMPP for text and mumble for voice.

How to host a game

If host cannot produce latest working savegame after a crash, they lose right to host next game.

If host loses 3 rights to host, host is changed mid-game.

Hybrid turns with corrections for warfare

We play dynamic turns (simultaneous while no humans are at war, sequential otherwise). Because turns aren't sequential immediately, but only after turn ends, here are some additional rules to avoid simultaneous warfare, which is prone to luck and network shenanigans:

  1. On turn N, right at the beginning, declare a war in voice/text chat. Declared one cannot make defensive pacts on next 2 turns.
  2. On turn N+1 you MUST declare a war in-game (ctrl-click on portrait). On that turn you can't enter enemy territory or attack enemy units.
  3. On turn N+2, when turns are sequential, actual hostilities can begin.

If these rules are violated, game is reloaded to before the war save and the violator is anally denounced (and loses hosting right).

Exception: when an AI asks you to declare war, you can skip the first phase.

Other workarounds:

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