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How to play civ5 online

  1. How to play civ5 online
    1. Statistics
    2. Software
    3. Installation under Wine
    4. Networking
    5. Communication
    6. How to host a game
    7. Hybrid turns with corrections for warfare


For now we store match statistics in Google spreadsheet


Use this distro with this mod: Unfortunately, mod is Windows-only, so use Wine on Linux. To install mod, unarchive it into <civ folder>/Assets/DLC. Also, before changing your mods, clear My Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/cache folder.

All modpack versions are available here:

Installation under Wine

$ winetricks vcrun6

otherwise the installer will crash right at the start.

The installer might crash with a floating point error under latest versions of wine, e.g. under wine-2.20, available as wine-staging package on debian stretch.
Use earlier version. It works fine under wine-1.8.7, available from wine package on debian stretch.

When I used export LC_ALL=ru_RU.UTF-8 to fix encoding problems in the installer, they were indeed fixed, but the installer crashed in the end. So I redid it with export LC_ALL=C, and it worked fine. Ignore broken encoding, just press continue whenever possible and choose english language when prompted with installation options.

If the game complains about missing and crashes at the very beginning, you need to install 32-bit opengl drivers that contain this file. On Debian Stretch if you are using nvidia do sudo apt install libgl1-nvidia-glvnd-glx:i386 (assuming you have already enabled multiarch).

When I ran civ 5 under wine-1.8.7, it crashed when starting a new game. So I had to run it under wine-staging export PATH="/opt/wine-staging/bin:$PATH".


We use FreeLAN for LAN emulation. Command line for connecting to our network:

freelan --security.passphrase hueten_666 --tap_adapter.ipv4_address_prefix_length=192.168.7.XX/24

On linux, you might need to also run this to properly route multicast packets

ip r a dev FREELAN_DEV

with your freelan device (typically tap0) for FREELAN_DEV

Replace XX with your unique number (assign in channel)

IP addresses taken:


We use XMPP for text and mumble for voice.

How to host a game

Autosaves are broken, AI moves two times in row after loading one. Instead, save two times in row manually each turn. It's host's responsibility to save each turn, if latest save turns out to be broken when it needs to be loaded, hosts loses right to be host next time random chooses them as host.

In first 100 turns it's ok to save each 5 turns.

Use pitboss mode, no barbarians, no ancient ruins (desyncs with mod). No events system (broken in MP). Preferred map is communitas.

Hybrid turns with corrections for warfare

We play hybrid turns (simultaneous while no humans are at war, sequential otherwise). Because turns aren't sequential immediately, but only after turn ends, here are some additional rules to avoid simultaneous warfare, which is prone to luck and network shenanigans:

  1. On turn N declare a war in chat. Declared one cannot make defensive pacts on next 2 turns.
  2. On turn N+1 you MUST declare a war in-game (ctrl-click on portrait)
  3. On turn N+2, when turns are sequential, actual hostilities can begin.

If these rules are violated, game is reloaded to before the war save and the violator is anally denounced.

Exception: when an AI asks you to declare war, you can skip the first phase.

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