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on values and coords

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All Observers of universe (like human players or AIs) each turn receive UniverseView data structures. Then Observers submit Action data structures back to Universe holder, which describe how they would like to modify the universe. If these actions can, in fact, be performed by them, Universe holder applies them to Universe. When all observers have submitted their Actions, cycle repeats.

h2. Values

Various values like population, distance, etc. need to be stored. It is important not to lose precision in many transformations they do, so they should be stored as i64. To allow future balance changes, all designed values start at 1000 as very minimum value normally obtainable. This might be handled by a special type as "1".

h2. Coordinates

Locations of objects in universe need to be comparable. Thus, integers are suitable. They might be negative or positive, center of universe being a special point at 0,0. Lowers possible increment is usual value 1000.

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