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Competitive demo and 1.0 outline

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@@ -16,4 +16,27 @@ The goal of this milestone is to have a playable game, which has simplistic mech
* Ships: one ship is built per turn in the capital. One ship moves one starlane per turn. [done]
* Ships fight: each ship destroys random ship from other empire in the same system during one turn. [done]
* All this works over network with client authentication via TLS using self-signed certificates. [done]
* GUI implementing all above [done]

h2. The Competitive Demo

The goal of this milestone is to have a space wargame with simple, but interesting mechanics, requiring a player to make choices in order to win.

In addition to the Playable Demo:

* Industry: Accumulate IP(Industry Points) to build ships.
* Owned planets yield 10 IP/turn.
* Capital yields 20 IP/turn.
* 100 IP gives you a new ship at the capital.
* Planets are captured by spending one ship, if owned, or two ships if not owned. Thus, capturing a planet pays for itself in 10/20 turns.
* UI has to give players all the information they need easily.
* Basic scanner coverage: all star systems in radius of one jump from any property are visible.
* Game is lost for a player if they lose the capital, or won if all other players lose.

The Competitive demo will further test the architecture and UI growth capabilities and give inspiration for a set of features for Version 1.0.

h2. Version 1.0

This version will have to implement the full game, providing interesting strategical as well as technical choices and balanced and interesting gameplay. Set of features might be limited but self-sufficient and avoid leaving plot-holes and gameplay-holes (breaking suspension of belief).

Specifics: TBD.

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