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@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ Structure: structural integrity of a ship. When it reaches 0, ship is destroyed.
Surface: vulnerable surface of a ship. Larger ships are generally easier to hit.
Maneuverability: ability to evade enemy fire. Decreases effective surface.
Supply storage: how much supplies ship can carry. In-combat resupply is generally not possible, so that defines how soon ship might have to retreat.
Weapons: ships can install various kind of weapons which might be useful either in combat or siege. "siege":strategic/sieges. Weapons hit enemy ships and drain their Structure. Weapons also have tracking parameter, which can offset effective surface malus.
Warp weavers: defines how intact ship will be after emergency retreat, as well as how effectively fleet can move and siege across starlanes.

h2. Support ship parameters

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