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Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Name: Iaroslav Gridin
Born: 11/23/1989
Citizenship: Russia
Permanent residence: Finland
Education: 2007-2012 Kubansky State university, Information systems and technologies (Specialist)
2015+ Tampere University, Information Technology
Github profile: (Contributions to other projects)
Gitlab profile: Mostly own projects

Job experience

Self-employed freelancer: 2009-today. Mostly Ruby on Rails, also Haskell, Qt/C++.
Old profile with work history:


Languages: Russian (Native), English (Advanced), Finnish (Basic)

Computer skills

Technology Level
Haskell advanced
Ruby professional
Rails advanced
Erlang basic
PHP average
C++, C advanced
Qt/C++ advanced
HTML advanced
CSS advanced
Perl entry
JavaScript entry
Pascal basic
UNIX Shell average
SQL advanced
Windows advanced
Linux professional
OpenBSD entry
Go basic
Rust advanced

Example open source projects

QMPDClient (Music player frontend, C++)
qnetload (GUI network monitor, C++)
huick (Microblogging service, Ruby on Rails)


Internet & computer technologies, decentralized networks, scalable systems, video games.

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