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      1. Can I upload illegal files here?
      2. Why can't I delete my own files?
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Service description is a web service for sharing files via HTTP (S) protocol.

Service philosophy is intended to be a simple web file sharing service, never deleting your files. I hate dead links. If there's one linking to this site, notify me and I'll do my best to fix it. All files are regularly backed up.

I believe in free speech and permanent data storage and I intend to keep this service running as long as I can, and in event I'm rendered incapable of doing so, I'll publish the decryption key to the backups.

Files storage terms

Current file size limits are displayed on front page. Files are stored forever. You cannot delete your files.

Files which are never accessed are eventually moved to cold storage, when they are requested next, it's going to take 4-5 hours to retrieve them.

I'm doing my best to keep the files private (there's no page with all files on server and it's impossible to guess the links) but in event of total failure to maintain the server I'll publish all the files so that no data is lost. If you're uploading private data to some questionable site with skulls without encrypting it, you're screwed anyway.

I keep all logs of downloaded and uploaded files. Assuming somebody does not record this information about you when you use a website is extremely optimistic.

If someone asks me to remove some files and confirms that they own copyright to this information, I will remove the files in question. That actually happened. This is not the place for playing hide-and-seek with government, upload only legal or shit-that-nobody-cares-about here. Use torrents or whatever for your questionable activities.

If you want a hosting which ignores copyright holders, try running one yourself or petition USA government to change laws.

Usage terms

Don't take more resources then you need. If I notice that service is being abused, I'll block related activity.


Can I upload illegal files here?

No. All illegal (Finnish or Luxembourg) (or USA, since they are the new world order) files will be deleted once I detect them.

Why can't I delete my own files?

Because I'd hate to let down somebody who clicked your link in hopes of seeing a file. Also, implementing some kind of authorization would greatly impact simplicity of service and add security problems.

Apparently service is growing, and I need to pay quite a lot for the server (~50$/month). I believe in hosting files for people and not holding data hostage, but if it's too much for me I'll limit the bandwidth. You can donate via bitcoin core:


Other files here:
api — API details
backup — How to help back up data
script — Shell script to use from command line

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