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howto_ru - wiki howto
Voker57 - Voker57's personal information
art_thou - non-coding art
freedos - Notes on installing and using FreeDOS
hellnet - Cryptographic data sharing network project
interesting_story - Vladimir Smirnov against police forces (Russian)
reploy - Deploying tool
translations - Translations of different songs to Russian
QMPDClient - Qt MPD client
Sauerbraten_Editing_Tutorial.ru - Sauerbraten map editing tutorial (Russian)
faq - Frequently asked questions
fsirc - Minimal IRC client in Qt or MFC
git-sucks - Why Git sucks
lamp-debian-howto - For stupid Gentoo users
nbl_markup - Custom version of Textile used here
nopython - Why python -sucks- should be destroyed.
nopython-story - Story about discovering why Python sucks (Russian)
radio - Bitcheese.net radio
stc-dns-havoc - Was used to survive ISP's broken DNS (Russian)

Это вики проекта "bitcheese.net":http://bitcheese.net.

Каждый участник может редактировать и создавать статьи, используя git. Подробнее: [[howto_ru]]
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