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@@ -20,7 +20,17 @@ haskell-sucks - -Why- Where Haskell sucks (Not much)
haskell-vs-fortran - Written on request
howto - Various useful howtos
web_browsers_must_die - Why web browsers should die the most painful death possible
reviews - My reviews on Reviews of various things
code - software
texts - fiction texts
world-domination-plans - world domination plans
emails - Proper way to use e-mail
flames-of-lor - Abandoned attempt to systematize information on contents of flames (Russian)
git-sucks - How Git sucks
opensource-faq - Why you should use open source software
typical-cs-gamer - Transcript of typical CS gamer's drama (Russian)
ugnich-trap - Some curious insights on life of owner (Russian)
vmoney - Draft of electronic cheque protocol (Russian and not really interesting anyways)

h1=. Welcome to

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