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h2. Snapshots of a world that is somewhat of a mix between Net Storm and Fallout.

Small intersection settlement, lots of container houses, derelict skyscrapers and a shooting range range. [5.4 MB]


Eastern Mines, small mining facility with i-mail office. [6.4 MB]


A trashyard, inhabited by mutants. Contains a research facility investigating local species of Grass. [6.3 MB]


Minetown, a small town with developed uran deposits, Trashview Hotel placed in derelict building, freight port and i-mail office. [6.3 MB]


Turmoil City, a part of derelict city, which is being a battleground of R'yashiks and Kulans. Human population is barricaded by reinforced buildings and way through R'n'K territory lies through a teleporter, powered by heavily guarded power station. [6.5 MB]


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