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h3. Male class

* Direct emotion output is suppressed
* Tends to either lead or look for guidance guidance: sticks to power structures
* Typical usecase: research, industry, physical warfare
* Intellectual activity is encouraged

h3. Female class

* Direct emotion output is encouraged
* Stays out of power structure: sometimes leads from the shadows if powerful enough
* Typical usecase: visual arts, interaction-intensive positions
* Tends to express wishes
* Intellectual activities are suppressed
@@ -28,4 +29,4 @@ Like other "social software":social-software, these are not explicitly forced bu

h4. Examples

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When a female starts to exhibit intellectual activity or otherwise trespass into "male" field, the lack of competition draws immense attention and amount of positive feedback allows her to settle for less, thus limiting the class violation. The vice versa situation is true as well. Such humans are considered "cheaters" by masses and loathed: one of the mechanisms preserving the dimorphism.
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