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Blood is cheap.

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Flesh is weak.

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I cannot play the game.

It has a lot of mindtraps, and stakes are too high to disable mind.

Guess I'm going to have someone walk me through it.

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My world domination plans. It's the safest place to store them.

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Mindtraps are circumstances that require you not to think. Or to stop after certain iteration.

Classic, but rather easy to avoid is "do not think about something" mindtrap. Filling mind with static helps.

Better example is two generals vs two canyons. One general has to lead forces through one of them to attack the other, One of canyons has a good place for an ambush. Second general has to place an ambush in one of canyons.

First general: Of course, it makes sense to go through less ambushable canyon. But what if second general sends forces to that canyon too? Then it would be better to choose ambushable one... And here we have a loop. Mindtrap.

Uh, just thinking about mindtraps makes my mind ache. Later.

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Russia trying to became a respected country is pathetic. Like a geek looking for a date.

What about using our advantages? Make "We don't care" country motto, stop trying to keep dying facilities alive, It's every man for himself!

According to logic, this should lead to feudal wars and assimilation. But Russian history seems to be going against all logic possible.

By Voker57 on 2010-05-02 20:34:31 +0000