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delimiters-must-die - The horrible ways to implement delimiting
hmark - Markov chains based text generation tool
dls-suck - The horrible ways to implement DSLs
fsirc - Abandoned simplistic IRC client
package-manager - Ideal package manager project
qnetload - knetload's spiritual successor
rbson - Proper "BSON":http://bsonspec.org/
tccli - Tokyocabinet CLI utility
transfer - Data serialization protocol
hellnet - Data sharing network project
galgen - Static HTML image gallery generator
reploy - Abandoned deployment tool. I learned to stop worrying and love the Capistrano.

h1. Software and various code stuff

bq. The best code is code never written
_I thought this up, then I found "some guy":http://mathieuberube.net/blog/2009/10/28/no-code/ on Internet who thought so too_

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