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On the 9th of November 2010 *Bomfunk* created a compilation of the most awesome songs of his musical library. You can use this thing to figure out what type of songs you can hear on the actual radio for not really long time - about a hour. This "album" «album» can be downloaded with this "link":http://bomfunk.ath.cx/files/Razor_Music_Mix_(09.11.2010).zip. Note, that this archive contains just one big audio file and a cue file, that contains information about tracks inside. If your player doesn't support cue files, you can use splitted by tracks version, which can be downloaded "here":http://bomfunk.ath.cx/files/Razor_Music_Mix_(09.11.2010)_(splitted).zip.

h2. How to join you?


Joining the listeners is pretty easy using either the web-player or your favourite installed music player in case if it can handle ogg and streams, but I'm pretty sure it can if it's a modern player.

So. *The easiest way to join is to open "this":http://razor.bitcheese.net/ page.* It requires Flash Player to work properly. If you want to use your player instead of browser, you can download "this":http://bitcheese.net:8000/bomfunk.ogg.m3u file and open it with your player, or just add the "direct link":http://bitcheese.net:8000/bomfunk.ogg to the stream.

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