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Metamail stuff

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h2. Query types

|_. Query |_. Path |_. Static/dynamic |_. Description |_. More info |
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| GET | @/chunks/([0-9a-f]+)@ | static | [[/hellnet/tech/chunk|Chunk]] with hash $1 | [[http/chunk]] [[chunk]] |
| GET | @/meta/([^/]+)/([^/]+)@ | static | List of chunks which are inserted with [[/hellnet/tech/metachunks|meta]] $1:$2 | [[http/meta]] [[meta]] |
| GET, HEAD | @/hello@ | static | Check whether node is up | [[http/hello]] [[hello]] |
| POST | @/handshake@ | dynamic | Establish a link to node | [[http/handshake]] [[handshake]] |
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| GET | @/metamail/sync@ | dynamic | Get the list of file [[../../metamail|metamail]] bundles | [[metamail/sync]] |
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h1. @metamail/sync@ resource

h2. Brief description

Get all the metamail bundles from your last sync.

h2. Requests

h3. GET

h4. Parameters


h4. Description

This request is used to check for new metamail since last contact. Results in newline-separated list of numbers like 1250968044, which are UNIX timestamps for metamail bundles. Client then can retrieve that bundle by path like @/metamail/1250968044@. After retrieval of all those, client can @POST /metamail/synced@ for server to reset the last contact time ([[synced|more info]]).

h4. Response

Newline-separated list of bundles' names. Example:

bc. 1250968044
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h1. @metamail/synced@ resource

h2. Brief description

Report successfully downloaded metamail bundles to node.

h2. Requests

h3. POST

h4. Parameters

* lastBundle - name of last (sorted by value in ascending order) bundle downloaded.

h4. Description

This resource is requested when client had downloaded all the bundles. Server recalculates last contact time based on lastBundle and returns list of remaining bundles (acts as [[metamail/sync]]). If the list is empty, transaction can be finished, otherwise client should download all the bundles and request this resource again.
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