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Name: Yaroslav Gridin
Born: 11/23/1989
Citizenship: Russia
Location: Krasnodar, Saratov, Russia
Homepage: "http://bitcheese.net":http://bitcheese.net
E-mail: "voker57@gmail.com":mailto:voker57@gmail.com
Education: 2007-2012 Kubansky State university
Course: Information systems and technologies
Status: Specialist
Github profile: [:http://github.com/Voker57]

h2. Job experience

Self-employed freelancer: 2009-today 2009-today. Mostly Ruby on Rails, Haskell, Qt/C++.
"freelancer.com profile with work history":http://www.freelancer.com/u/voker57.html

h2. Skills
@@ -42,11 +43,11 @@ h3. Computer skills
| Linux | advanced |
| OpenBSD | entry |

h3. Projects Example open source projects

More (Music player frontend, C++)
"qnetload":https://github.com/Voker57/qnetload (GUI network monitor, C++)
"Huick":https://github.com/Voker57/huick (Microblogging service, Ruby on "Github profile":https://github.com/Voker57 Rails)

h3. Hobbies

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