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File: hellnet/hspawn/use [Diff]

diff --git a/hellnet/hspawn/use b/hellnet/hspawn/use
index 3dc3e3e..0771e95 100644
-- a/hellnet/hspawn/use
++ b/hellnet/hspawn/use
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ You can test how file is inserted then:
bc. hell-get hell://file/04e69a4c0cf881dfe487cb76551e0cbfabde629453765dd647f2ee5bddd3d4298a78bae8bc4094e3c4df3f76ad7bdf5112592d85f6dab3571a931a145854a391.9f85e591452b21f9390bc75a5bb016da4a73a13e58e7649bc9a748c4a80b49cf > COPYING.2

Now let's assume you have a friend who needs to receive a copy of GPL. GPL[2]. First, you should bring up Hellnet server on your side:

bc. hell-serve 12345 &

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