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Added non-simple api variant

File: dump/api [Diff]

diff --git a/dump/api b/dump/api
index 51453ab..73303c4 100644
-- a/dump/api
++ b/dump/api
@@ -13,4 +13,6 @@ You can look up a file by its SHA512:

bc. GET //dump.bitcheese.net/search/sha512/5b799a5fbf4ecf92304f78932c614fe92cd2146afbb208c5d48654db26e3a9ba4cfd619c3541345c02d6578a35660368a7d6460c5cd46cf7ee90025eb0990e0c?simple

If everything is ok, HTTP 200 with file url is returned returned.

You can also drop ?simple to get redirected to the file instead.

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