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And here is the killer feature of the device. It is Wacom powered, which means you have battery-less stylus that recognizes 256 (advertisement says so) pressure levels, and you can draw on screen.

There is no delay when drawing whatsoever (if you update your firmware). You can choose an instrument: pencil, for sharp 1-pixel lines, ballpen, for somewhat thicker and smooth ones, marker, for even thicker lines, fountain pen, which thickness depends on pressure, and text highlighter, which, er, draws as text highlighter. Also there is text inpu. input. You also can choose from three grades of gray, erase and paste pictures from camera or storage using very nice interface. There are infinite (or lots of) undo levels, which are also very fast. This part of software is definitely well-polished.

Sadly, there are no layers or zooming feature. I miss GIMP.

@@ -80,4 +80,4 @@ ASUS EA800 is a great tool for an artist, or anyone who likes to draw pictures o

h2. Feedback

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