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h1. Metatrees

Metatrees are signed trees of named file links. They can be used to publish file structures or any other treeish structure. Each metatree is identified by [[../cryptography/asymmetric|public key]] hash and key-unique name.

Example of metatree:

This would be stored in ./meta/22fea70fde222e2463b1dd716fa9f7faf75d90ebc6517333643826348c05950021fd2a2b31dcb23c1971149adf952bd1f38763b2338708acd12e97823a5017d2/test

bc. {
"updated" : 1258639915,
"key" : "hell://file/22fea70fde222e2463b1dd716fa9f7faf75d90ebc6517333643826348c05950021fd2a2b31dcb23c1971149adf952bd1f38763b2338708acd12e97823a5017d2?key=a1234567",
"name" : "test",
"content" : {
"helloworld" : "hell://file/18895861928ce6793b3386d0fccacfcca35b2aa845fc895f06013fbac50ef9cbf1f77352f041b3f82fbce109b209cd09ff763d2a95c0eba2a21967dbe32f39e5.35abcdef",
"hellodir" : {
"file1" : "hell://file/7c657811658adf5d5f77bf571270a8ad242ed454fb353ff90f6ad6248edcba14fd155b8a78ad9af53fc4a58dd10464295322655ade5264598a7b5e537032d539",
"file2" : "hell://file/2fc800b58bf1903d8b98a007f301d4e59baf69f9e60609e00e4cfa0c6f8307ff8abb2155c8ff2642eb687b296c99ca95ae49e322ef3f95eadddada011149e737"

Description of top-level fields:

"updated" : UNIX timestamp of last update
"key" : hash of public key
"name" : name of this meta
"content" : filesystem with unlimited subdirectories, keys are filenames, values are hell:// links (only /chunk or /file)

Metatrees are stored in ./meta/$public_key_hash/$name (metatree itself), /meta/$public_key_hash/$ (value of "updated" field), /meta/$public_key_hash/$name.sign (detached signature)

h3. See also

[[../protocols/http/meta|Metatrees transfer|]]
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