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__This article about git is a stub. You can help -Wikipe- project by expanding it.__

bq. git - the stupid content tracker
__man git__


h1. Git Sucks

This content below is my small individual experiense of using version control systems. It provides only "for It's for you information".

h1. Git Sucks

* where git sucks information.

h2. Git is stupid, but overmuch difficult

bq. git - the stupid content tracker
__man git__

* compare with darcs and camp VCS
* something about patch theory

h2. Git is feeble

* about reverting

h3. Reverting old commits

@git diff <commit>..<commit>^ <file> | git apply -@

h3. About working with individual alterations at the same file


h3. No unicode support

Do you know how to work with non-ASCII characters in filenames in git repo? I don't.

h1. Git Rocks

@@ -43,8 +43,8 @@ And don't think what CVS, SVN, mercurial or bazaar is better than git. It's not
h1. Links

* "Why Git is Better than X":
* "Video about camp": — "This video explains all!"
* "Darcs's patch theory on official manual":
* "Darcs's patch theory on wikibooks": — there are more images here
* "Bazaar vs Git": — humoristic work by ubuntu creators creators.
* "Cutting Edge Revision Control": — there is small benchmark here too

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