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h1. QMPDClient faq

h2. I want global shortcuts!

You are much better off with setting up global shortcuts for mpc, with "xbindkeys":http://www.nongnu.org/xbindkeys/xbindkeys.html. This lets you to control your mpd not depending on any running clients.

However, global shortcuts of QMPDClient functions may be useful as well and may be implemented some day. Especially if someone makes a patch.

h2. QMPDClient window is too big to fit on my netbook display

As you can see, I can't reproduce this problem.


The real problem is, your window manager does not resize QMPDClient to required height. File a bug against it instead.

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You can see some screenshots [[screenshots|here]]

Please review [[faq|FAQ]] before reporting bugs and requesting features.

h2. Links

* Bleeding edge from git: "tarball":http://git.bitcheese.net/?a=archive&p=qmpdclient&h=HEAD&t=targz

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