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segwit shit

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h2. Donations

QMPDClient is accepting donations via "bitcoin":http://bitcoin.org/: 1JD3ga9gsNdDZyaTUtV8oM7eHwGd3zDE7F bc1q3z5paedmmmhhtnw4shjx0k5jers9mqsnvvgfzw

And via paypal:

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Apparently service is growing, and I need to pay quite a lot for the server. (~45$/month and if I did not restrict bandwidth I'd pay 20$/day -ish). I believe in hosting files for people and not holding data hostage, but it's too much for me so I limited the bandwidth. I'm also looking into moving to better hosting. You can donate via "bitcoin":http://bitcoin.org/:



Or via PayPal:

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