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Good example of JavaScript failure is recently released Google's "Closure": tools. These include:

* Perfectly bloated "JS library":, with custom-drawn, stoned slow widgets, WYSIWING stuff, spinning, whistling and farting stuff and unit testing for digging in the shit in more comfortable way.
* Apotheosis of JS downfall: "Closure Compiler":! So much for interpreted language: you still have to compile *before* you deploy to get good performance. It also includes some kludges for JS, including obfuscated code debugger (that reminded me of recently-released fixer for executables) for Firefox.
* "Closure templates": — rather harmless tool, which allows to load user PC even more by processing templates, to unload server, that's busy running bloated Java/Python crap.

AJAX. The worst thing that happened to web ever. While JS can abuse your resources locally, with AJAX you can get into a fucking botnet with webpage living on its own.
@@ -75,7 +73,6 @@ Browsers include: konqueror (see very below), rekonq (shit).
Notable browsers:

* "Safari": — not bad for casual web browsing, even on iPhone.
* "uzbl": — These guys got UNIX philosophy all wrong. Their browser does all the complex shit like AJAX anyway. You can tamper with interface and some stuff like bookmarks or cookies though.

h2. What to replace web browsers with?

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