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RUSTORION timeline

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h1. Timeline of universe

2050: Early warp drives deployed on Earth, allowing drastically cheaper spaceflight.
2062: Sol system mostly colonized.
2070: Generation colony ships are being sent out to viable destinations by various parties. Not fast and not reliable.
2151: First news about a successful colony. Due to immense transport and communication delays, colonies are basically independent.
2197: Discovery of "U-communications":technologies#Universal-Entanglement on Earth.
2201: Mass deployment of U-comms between Earth and colonies. Citizens of both bewildered by newly arisen culture differences.
2205: "Global Chain":technologies#Global-Chain deployed between Earth and several colony worlds.
2207: Research boom as Earth and colonies join forces to develop improved computers and warp drives. Physical travel between settlements still impossible on any meaningful scale, aside from daredevils hired by UCorp to deliver U-link equipment and various exiles.
2217: Several most successful colonies join forces in project "C.B.B.D.":technologies#CBBD centered on applications of artificial intelligence in administration. Earth disapproves citing dangers of wide AI deployment, mostly ignored due to no longer being a central authority and lacking any means of law enforcement.
2222: Earth announces project HIGHWAY, vaguely described as "Solving the problem of interstellar connectivity", reliant on own research forces.
2230: All U-links with Sol system are severed, nearby sensors report a supernova-like event with debris saturating nearby space.
2231: Sol disaster survivors tell conflicting stories citing religious extremism, widespread corruption and human ambition leading to HIGHWAY implosion.
2243: CBBD project produces administrative AIs successfully managing smaller communities and mediating disputes. Public distrust in traditional governance boosts administrative AI adoption.
2256. U-Link meeting between representatives of seven colonies agreeing on universal CBBD deployment and dissolution of remaining human government structures. Meeting assisted by AIs, reportedly several small-scale wars avoided in the process.
2260. CBBD construction sites are designated, U-linked, human involvement minimal. Defense forces, resource production and law enforcement mostly guided by AI.
2277. CBBDs awaken.

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