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h1. Small numbers and their symbolic meanings in fortune-telling

If the number is greater than 9, sum its digits until it's equal or less.


h2. 1 - Alone

1 means self-dependance and something that has to be experienced without ouside help.

h2. 2 - Pair

2 means two entities working together, positive traits multiplied, negative ones negated, trusted. Or two rivals, locked in a fight.

h2. 3 - Magic

3 is a number of magic, meaning two forces in balance and third one offsetting it. Means an experience, outcome and flow of which can be greatly altered by application of will.

h2. 4 - Protection

4 means protection, safe but not really useful experience.

h2. 5 - Success

5 means experience will ultimately result in one's success, with no additional resources required. Optimal resolution is not guaranteed though.

h2. 6 - Fire

6 means dangerous, probably damaging experience, which yields potentially great results if handled properly.

h2. 7 - Everything

The experience is large, branching and rewarding, and lot of different outcomes are possible.

h2. 8 - Too Much

Too much resources will be used, and the excess is not affecting the outcome positively.

h2. 9 - Not Enough

Not enough resources were made available, and outcome is adversely affected by it.
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