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Updated hardware list

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h2. Motherboards

*Polaris 88I-PEQ* -- don't bother looking it up, I bought that piece of mystery on radio market. Has burned-out USB, 478 socket, AGP 16x (i think so), SATA, PATA and PCI slots. Comes with free BIOS battery!

Sent out.

*SiS AP41* -- SRAM, socket for <486s. Very old.

h2. CPUs

*Intel Pentium 4 2.66 GHz* -- socket 478, comes with duct-taped cooler.

*Intel i486DX/4* -- really old socket. Comes with whacked-out cooler.

h2. Video accelerators

*nVidia GeForce FX5900XT* -- AGP. Used to be very cool back then. Doesn't have rear panel, so just hangs in slot. It's told to require some additional piece to hold it straight,

*ATI Radeon 9600* -- *burnt*. At least it doesn't work on any of PCs i tried it with. Very good though, has no fan and has rear panel. Pity it doesn't work.

*S3 Trio* -- PCI, SVGA, best for a server.
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*SDRAM 256 MB 133 MHZ*

*DDR 512 MB 533 MHZ* -- two of those. Work together in dual channel mode nicely.

*Bunch of SRAMs* -- approx. 32mb of them still work,

h2. HDDs

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*100M Realtek ethernet card* -- two of them, under different brands.

*USB controller* -- PCI, 5 USB slots. Used to work well with 88I-PEQ.

*ISA SB16* -- sound card.

*HIPRO ATX 350W power supply*

*Really old mid-tower*, for 486.

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