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h1. How to use good old konqueror 3.5.10 on decent new debian

h2. Why is it not straightforward?

Because of some install-info clusterfuck, recent *dpkg* breaks non-recent *konqueror*. See details here.

h2. So, how?

Install version of dpkg that doesn't break konqueror. This will get you into some kind of troubles if you try to use info: scheme in latter, but who uses it anyway except for GNU freaks.

h2. Links

"dpkg":http://dump.bitcheese.net/files/silatut/dpkg_1.15.7.1_i386.deb, "dpkg-dev":http://dump.bitcheese.net/files/patutyd/dpkg-dev_1.15.7.1_all.deb packages fixed by me (I just removed @Breaks: konqueror (<=shitty-kde4-number), you can do the same by editing @debian/control@ file and rebuilding).
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