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All the data in Hellnet is stored in 256kb chunks. You can see your current cache in ~/.hellnet/store.

A chunk may be a [[/hellnet/tech/recursive-filelinks|filelink]], "filelink":/wiki/hellnet/tech/recursive-filelinks, which stores information about chunks that form a file.

So, to retrieve a piece of data, you have to know its hash (and encryption key if it's encrypted)

h3. Data retrieval & connectivity

Currently Hellnet implements simple and probably naive networking. All nodes serve their chunks via [[/hellnet/protocols/HTTP|HTTP]] "HTTP":/wiki/hellnet/protocols/HTTP and other nodes poll every node in network until they find requested chunks[1]

h2. Action!

@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ And after short wait read the text of GPL.

h2(#metatrees). Meta trees

[[/hellnet/tech/metatrees|Meta trees]]

"Meta trees":/wiki/hellnet/tech/metatrees are tool to publish named information to Hellnet and keep it updated. Authenticity of information is guaranteed via digital signatures.

h3. Create a key

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