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@@ -95,12 +95,36 @@ bc. % hell-meta get testkey homepage /index.html
% hell-get hell://file/6890e1d532ac7a8f21453f86a082bad7109eb452589bd19606b7251973a63bbeeb9e4d66b99a0411f7d3c897445ef2dc1c8fd0da678604caff10d72bddc25e2f
<html>Hallo thar</html>

Other people can get it too, only using you your key's real ID instead of "testkey".

h2. Publish or access directory trees over Hellnet

bc. hell-dir push . mykey mydir


bc. hell-dir push . hell://8da7ec91e46c4b1444bd1b1a151a038a0544fad23266111a8a84178efb9499cb756a265bbe456bd9ec9ba309bf146f8453ba17201ff968e181e36b5efe54fc1f/mydir

Publishes current directory as hell://meta/mydir. You can also add ?key=abcdef to URI in second example to encrypt meta contents.

bc. hell-dir pull . mykey mydir

Synchronizes current directory with specified meta.

If you have directory published, you can serve it via HTTP using hell-serve-meta:

bc. hell-serve-meta 8887 hell://meta/8da7ec91e46c4b1444bd1b1a151a038a0544fad23266111a8a84178efb9499cb756a265bbe456bd9ec9ba309bf146f8453ba17201ff968e181e36b5efe54fc1f/mydir

Here 8887 is port on which it will listen.

h2. Discover more nodes

If you have already discovered at least one Hellnet node, you can use @hell-nodes discover@ to scan the net for more. All found nodes will be added to your nodelist.

h2. Share files without inserting them as chunks

If you don't want your files to take up space in hellnet store as well as in their original location, you can use key -i with hell-dir or hell-insert. Note that such chunks can be served only by "smart" server.

fn1. Or run out of nodes

fn2. Which is the most seeded content on "GNUnet":http://gnunet.org
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