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Linux freelan routing fix

File: games/civ5 [Diff]

diff --git a/games/civ5 b/games/civ5
index 600b7ba..16de6aa 100644
-- a/games/civ5
++ b/games/civ5
@@ -12,6 +12,12 @@ We use "FreeLAN":https://www.freelan.org/ for LAN emulation. Command line for co

bc. freelan --security.passphrase hueten_666 --fscp.contact=nbl.zapto.org:53 --tap_adapter.ipv4_address_prefix_length=192.168.7.XX/24

On linux, you might need to also run this to properly route multicast packets

bc. ip r a dev FREELAN_DEV

with your freelan device (typically tap0) for FREELAN_DEV

Replace XX with your unique number (assign in channel)

h2. How to host a game

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