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h1. How to run your own Hellage index

First, see [[use]] for installing Hellage.

Then, see [[/hellnet/hspawn/use#metatrees]] for information how to create your own meta key.

Last, run

bc. $ hellage-genmeta mykey hackage

Where @mykey@ is your key alias and @hackage@ is your meta name.

This will download index and packages from [http://hackage.haskell.org] and store links in your meta. If download of certain package is stalled for too long, feel free to interrupt the program; next time it will start where it ended, only need to re-download index.
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use - How to use it
admin - How to run your own mirror

Hellage is a distributed "Hackage":http://hackage.haskell.org/ haskell packages' repository mirror.
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h1. How to use Hellage

h2. Install

This may be insanely difficult. Or not.

If you can't build from source, get the [[../hspawn/jumpstart]] package.

h3. Otherwise

First, "install Hellnet":/hellnet/hspawn/build. If you manage it, the rest is simple:

bc. $ cabal install hellage

or, @git clone git://git.bitcheese.net/hellage && cd hellage && runghc Setup.hs install@ and have fun.

h2. Actually use it

First, you need to add at least one Hellnet node to your nodelist. You can use bitcheese.net:6666 for now.

bc. $ hell-nodes handshake bitcheese.net 6666

Then you need to run hellage daemon on your machine:

bc. $ hellage 8da7ec91e46c4b1444bd1b1a151a038a0544fad23266111a8a84178efb9499cb756a265bbe456bd9ec9ba309bf146f8453ba17201ff968e181e36b5efe54fc1f hackage

Here, *8da7ec...* is my encryption key ID and *hackage* is meta name of hellage. If you plan to use this (or any other) key often, you can create an alias:

bc. $ hell-meta alias add voker57_key 8da7ec91e46c4b1444bd1b1a151a038a0544fad23266111a8a84178efb9499cb756a265bbe456bd9ec9ba309bf146f8453ba17201ff968e181e36b5efe54fc1f

and then refer to this key as "voker57" everywhere:

bc. $ hellage voker57_key hackage

This command will run hellage on its default port, which is 6609. If you want to change it, run hellage with -p 64657.

*WARNING WARNING*: Currently hellage does not bind to localhost, thus anybody with access to port can use it. Use firewalls or whatever to protect.

Now, let's add hellage to cabal's sources:

bc. $ editor ~/.cabal/config

Search out the @remote-repo:@, comment it out and add hellage:

bc. -- remote-repo: hackage.haskell.org:http://hackage.haskell.org/packages/archive
remote-repo: hellage:http://localhost:6609

Update the hellage index:

bc. $ wget http://localhost:6609/update -O- 2>/dev/null

If result is "Failed" then something went wrong and hellage won't work. Check node connectivity.

Then, run @cabal update@ to get package index:

bc. $ cabal update

If everything was OK, then you can download packages now:

bc. $ cabal install empty

Congratulations! You got hellage up and running.

h2. Tricks

* If you don't like to keep a terminal emulator constantly running, i suggest using "daemontools":http://packages.debian.org/sid/daemontools or "dtach":http://dtach.sourceforge.net/ or "screen":http://www.gnu.org/software/screen/ for daemonizing hellage.
* You can update hellage via hellage!

h2. Troubleshooting / Feedback

If you succeeded, or failed, in installing hellage by this manual, share your experience in "hellnet mailing list":http://groups.google.com/group/hellnet.
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