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h2. Microsoft ищет специалиста против Linux

Краткое содержание: MuZHiK-2 рассказывает о Zver DVD, правильном методе общения с поддержкой Microsoft, работе со сверхсекретными документами на дому и прочих аспектах своей жизни

Основные темы: Windows, Office, Linux, RL

Страниц: 46+


h2. Разработчики Opera: модель разработки Open Source неэффективна

Краткое содержание: MuZHiK-2 рекламирует Google Chrome, заявляет о превышении им скорости света и приоткрывает завесу тайны над заговором провайдеров, которые приоритезируют трафик от Google Chrome.

Страниц: 15

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@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ h1. Chunk hell:// URIs

h2. Regex



$1: chunk hash

@@ -13,4 +13,4 @@ key: hex number, symmetric encryption key

h2. How it works

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Searches for chunk with hash=$1, then downloads it. Name is received from "name" parameter, otherwise $1(.key) may be used.
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@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ h1. File hell:// URIs

h2. Regex



$1: chunk hash

@@ -13,4 +13,4 @@ key: hex number, symmetric encryption key

h2. How it works

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Searches for chunk with hash=$1, then unrolls it as [[../recursive-filelinks|recursive filelink]] and downloads the file. Name is received from "name" parameter, otherwise $1(.key) may be taken.
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@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ h1. Meta hell:// URIs

h2. Regex



$1: public key hash
$2: meta name
@@ -19,4 +19,4 @@ When updating, client should first check the date; if it's bigger than his curre
h2. See also

* [[../../protocols/http/meta|meta resource]]
* [[../metatrees]]
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* [[../metatrees]]

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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ This would be stored in ./meta/22fea70fde222e2463b1dd716fa9f7faf75d90ebc65173336

bc. {
"updated" : 1258639915,
"key" : "hell://chunk/22fea70fde222e2463b1dd716fa9f7faf75d90ebc6517333643826348c05950021fd2a2b31dcb23c1971149adf952bd1f38763b2338708acd12e97823a5017d2?key=a1234567", "22fea70fde222e2463b1dd716fa9f7faf75d90ebc6517333643826348c05950021fd2a2b31dcb23c1971149adf952bd1f38763b2338708acd12e97823a5017d2",
"name" : "test"
"content" : "hell://chunk/e4dfde12d6612f9816d1e924c274689e5236af74db23d14cf76bee0fc49690398f1c32bce9db951305a62906c4344c04a5682b1c6bdf64e219c2dde2810b44da"
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ bc. {
Description of top-level fields:

"updated" : UNIX timestamp of last update
"key" : link to public key hash
"name" : name of this meta
"content" : link to meta tree

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h1. Howto: Get nicely rendered LaTeX images online

I decided to use "mathtex":http://www.forkosh.dreamhost.com/source_mathtex.html. It's a nice program indeed, but it needed some tuning for my needs:

# By default, LaTeX does not play nice with non-english letters. I fixed that by throwing in a pile of \usepackages.
# I hate black-on-white scheme, so I made a modification to source code to allow changing color of rendered formulas on compilation.

You can see the results here: [http://dump.bitcheese.net/xet/mtex.cgi?yourformulahere]. Change mtex to mtexi for inverted output.

"Modified Mathtex source":http://dump.bitcheese.net/files/nasukux/mathtexi.c.gz ("Patch":http://dump.bitcheese.net/files/mewazol/color.diff)
"Makefile":http://dump.bitcheese.net/files/walevaz/Makefile used to build two versions of mathtex used on site

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h1. [ No Python ]

h1. Preable

bq. <tuomov> but python FAILS
<tuomov> fucking idiots
<tuomov> typical foss crap..
@@ -7,7 +9,7 @@ bq. <tuomov> but python FAILS
<tuomov> it's pure shit
_Tuomo Valkonen on Python_

Python is

*Disclaimer:* I do not code in Python. Why would I want to code in such a broken programming language. Why broken? language? If you think if this page contains errors, or you do know about even more severe pitfalls of subj. you are welcome to send [[Voker57/contact|me]] mail about those.

h1. Python brokenness from user's point of view.

@@ -15,7 +17,7 @@ Have you ever tried to use Python app? For example, Gajim, lastmp, debtorrent, d

If you didn't notice that these programs are sluggish and consume much memory, -you're blind- even now you can still be healed.

Lastmp, for example, crashes "wherever it encounters broken Unicode":http://bitcheese.net/vlog/post/580. Looks like you need to surround every string loading Solving this problem requires -surrounding unicode loadings with try..catch in python for that not to happen. Good design, eh? try..catch- calling unicode(data, 'ignore') instead of unicode(data). Note the string option used where saner language would use enum, flags or other method.

h1. Python brokenness from developer's point of view.

@@ -51,7 +53,7 @@ Speaking of unnecessary chars, you need those parentheses everywhere. If you omi
So let's count chars. Here goes class initializer definition in python:

bc. def __init__(self)
return 0 None

Same in ruby:

@@ -72,15 +74,19 @@ Python is considered to be 'glue-language'. Despite this claim, it gets used in

On the other hand, you have all the good-known stuff from C like parentheses all over the place and segfaults. Do you see segfaults often in dynamic languages? Well in python you do. Also, its libraries require *compilation*. What a nonsense.

h2. Python vs OCaml

* No static type system. It makes impossible to apply "correct by construction" principle in python. Although, exceptions just don't work (see above).

No pattern matching. And even no switches — actually even PHP has it. Some people recommend to use "if - else if" constructions instead...

Python performance sucks. Any single implentation of OCaml works much faster than any implentation of Python. has no static type system. It makes impossible to apply "correct by construction" principle in python.

h2. Python vs Ruby

* Objects. I mean, hashes of methods

Python appears to be an object-oriented language, but OOP system is just a syntactic sugar for dictionaries, and you have to fall back to direct intervention to do serious business. It doesn't even have private members. Some people say that it's Python vision of OOP, but then they might as well say that raising horrible kludges in C to obtain something that remotely resembles OOP is C vision of OOP.

Ruby shares the similar niche, but features brilliant OOP with conceptions borrowed from Smalltalk.

h2. Pythoogle

Many people praise Python because Google uses it. Well, it's "used":http://panela.blog-city.com/python_at_google_greg_stein__sdforum.htm for non-critical tasks mostly, and they use ancient 2.2, because of API breakage between minor releases. The only web services done in python are code.google.com (which doesn't support any decent VCS) and google groups.

h1. Conclusion

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h2=. English

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