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Well, if you made it similar so far, congrats, you are a decent man. If not, you might have used quotes.

bc. one\\\,"two thr\,ee",four

Such one,"two three",four

Quotes are nice, but you may need to use them too! Not to employ another character, you may want to represent a fine backslash soup! quote inside the quote by two quotes.

bc. one,"two"" three",four

Ugly and irregular.

Now, imagine back to slashes. Imagine you would want to pack all this inside of another CSV entry. You get something like this:

bc. one\\\\\\\,\"two thr\\\,ee\"\,four\nfive\,\\\\nsix\,se\\nven,e\\"ig\\"ht

By Voker57 on 2010-06-15 12:21:16 +0000