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The best service I found so far is "lyricsplugin":http://lyricsplugin.com. Its interface is sacral knowledge though. Here it is.

h2. Example


h2. Explanation

Base URI: http://www.lyricsplugin.com/winamp03/plugin/
GET parameter "artist": Artist name, e.g. "Chitlins,%20Whiskey%20%26%20Skirt" (URI encoded!)
GET parameter "title": Song title, e.g. "Increased%20Chances"

Returned is HTML with maybe lyrics.

h2. Script

Simple Ruby script that outputs plaintext lyrics:

bc.. % lyrics.rb "The Prodigy" "Omen"

It’s an omen

It’s an omen

p. [http://gist.github.com/343356]

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