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p=. ^ This artwork promotes ingestion of sulphuric acid, suicide among minors, untraditional sexual relations, data piracy and child pornography.

p=. Be nice to your eyes, wear your "safety CSS":/setcss!

h1=. Feedback from our guests!

p=. It doesn't look like a professional site and pretty much debunks
@@ -44,33 +46,25 @@ Russian or a Slavic language as their first language

p=. Design sucks.
_Random user_

h1=. Places of interest

h2=. English

p=. " wiki":/wiki wiki: You're looking at it
"File dumping facility":
"Miscellanous images":
"Few Juick backups":
[ *New* ]
"Tuomov fansite": (currently featuring only partial "not-a-blog": mirror)
[ *New* ]
"Hackage": "mirror": (with rsync (see howto-rsync.txt)!)
[ *New* ] "Beta": (Web 2.999 rc3) version of this website.
"Non-coding art":/art_thou art":art_thou
"Books and other texts":texts
Wear your safety "CSS":/setcss!
" FAQ":faq
"Web browsers must die!":web_browsers_must_die
"Hellnet docs":hellnet
"git repos":
"About me":Voker57
"NBL markup":nbl_markup

h2=. Russian

p=. "Блог":/vlog

"Переводы песен":translations
"Введение в редактирование карт в Sauerbraten"
Коллекция комиксов "Ива-а-н":

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