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h1. Hellnet feedback

Hellnet "mailing list":mailto:hellnet@googlegroups.com ("web":http://groups.google.com/group/hellnet)
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h1. Running your own Hellnet node

First: You will not be serving unrelated content, only stuff you downloaded.

h2. Why?

* That is the only way to publish your own metatrees for now
* You help the network

h2. How?

[[build|Install hellnet]].

bc. $ hell-serve 6666

6666 is server port, which should be open to Internet. This will launch Hellnet server.


bc. $ hell-nodes handshake bitcheese.net 6666

If response is "Handshake successful", all is good. Server have added you to its nodelist and will announce your address to everybody, who in turn will be able to download your chunks and metatrees.

Otherwise, read the message and fix the error.
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protocols - protocols' documentation
crypto - cryptographic stuff used in Hellnet
hellage - distributed hackage mirror using Hellnet
philosophy - about the project, its goals and idea
feedback - how to provide feedback & get help on Hellnet

Hellnet is a project to create simple, distributed, anonymous data sharing network.

You can see current state of matters on [[status]] page.

Current use cases: [[hellage]], [[general file sharing & setup|hspawn/use]]

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h1. Hellnet philosophy

Hellnet is simple. It tries to rely on already existing things.

Hellnet is not for playing hide-and-seek with law enforcement. It's for simple, reliable distribution of legal content. No esprit de corps: you store only what you like to store, no other people's CP on your hard drive.

_...or is it me too lazy to write code for sophisticated routing and shared storage?_

Hellnet is named so because I like this name.
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