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diff --git a/code/delimiters_must_die b/code/delimiters_must_die
index dc38e4f..9615ec2 100644
-- a/code/delimiters_must_die
++ b/code/delimiters_must_die
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ bc. one\\\\\\\,\"two thr\\\,ee\"\,four\nfive\,\\\\nsix\,se\\nven,e\\"ig\\"ht

Well, I made up this example, but try coding in shell (which involves), and you'll understand all this.


h2(#i-will-never-encounter-this-set-of-bytes). I Will Never Encounter This Set Of Bytes

Let's make up a bizarre, totally random string. It will never ever appear in our data, I'm assuring you. We'll start our entry with it and end with it.

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