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h1. Technologies of RUSTORION

Every civilization in RUSTORION commands a minimum set of technologies which make galactic empire possible

h2. CBBD

CBBD aka Culture Bound Benevolent Dictators, are bespoke AIs created to manage empires. They do not obey any orders, but due to a culture link ingrained in their construction, have an unique understanding with their people. CBBDs directly command imperial automated production and AI-driven machines of war, so dismounting one is a difficult task, but not impossible with lots of dissenters. Constructing a CBBD does not take a lot of resources, but it takes a lot of administrative effort.

h2. Universal Entanglement

Communication is virtually instanteous with any place in known universe, using cheap U-Link devices based on quantum mechanics. It's easier to establish a new link if a U-Link device can be moved physically, but establishing a duplex link using just a wide-searching and focused party is also possible.

h2. Warp

There are points at edges of planetary systems that allow dramatically accelerated travel to another warp point located between another star within certain range and current point. This travel requires significant amount of energy, depending on object mass and shape. Such travel might be deadly to any non-shielded organics.

h2. Global Chain

A universe-wide blockchain is well established and trusted by all parties. It is impossible to control the blockchain without commanding a very high percentage of currency. However, parties voting on software and rule updates is quite common, and side chains can be established by dissenters and used separately.

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