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A list of computer items that are too bad to use, but too used to sell for a sum of money. I might either give them out or sell for nominal value, :contact me for discussion.

h2. Network equipment

D-Link DSL504T -- ADSL modem, STC veteran.
ASUS WL520Gc -- Pretty crappy router, works ok with <1Mbyte/s L2TP.

h2. Displays

Samsung SyncMaster 757NF 17" CRT -- works very well, but i can't stand its image compared to new Acer LCD.
Samsung 19" LCD something -- broken, something with power supply.

h2. Optical drives

ASUS IDE DVD reader, CD-R[W] writer

h2. Motherboards

None available

h2. Motherboards

*ASUS P5KPL-AM* -- works, if a bit dusty.

h2. CPUs

None available

*Pentium IV Dual Core 2.4 Ghz* -- or something, can't bother to detach it from MB above. Comes with a cooler too!

h2. Video accelerators

*ATI Radeon 9600* -- *burnt*. At least it doesn't work on any of PCs i tried it with. Very good though, has no fan and has rear panel. Pity it doesn't work.
*ASUS ENGTS250 1GB* -- its cooler is *scratching*. I upgraded from it to be sure.

*S3 Trio* -- PCI, SVGA, best for a server.

@@ -26,17 +33,22 @@ h2. Video accelerators

h2. RAM

*SAMSUNG M378T5663FB3 DDR2-800 1GB* x2
*SAMSUNG M378B5773CH0 DDR3-1333 2GB* x2
*Hynix HMT325U6CFR8C-H9 2GB DDR3-1333*
*SAMSUNG M471B2873FHS-CF8 DDR3-1066 SODIMM 1GB* x2
*SDRAM 256 MB 133 MHZ*
*Bunch of SRAMs* -- approx. 32mb of them still work,

h2. HDDs

*160 GB IDE WD WD1600AAJS* -- Slow as fuck but reliable as any other WD oldtimer before the 'powersaving' bullshit.

*10G IDE WD* -- Makes horrible noises, but works well.

*60G IDE WD* -- *Doesn't work anymore*.

*1G IDE IBM* -- *Doesn't work*. Can't be unscrewed from chassis. Makes a nice paperweight.

h2. Misc

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